FlatRock Testimonials

A Testimonial from Tollie Bibb

Greetings Eric! Thank you so much for making my first official trail run a rousing success. Even though my time wasn't fantastic, the experience will not be forgotten. The condition of the trail was excellent, the scenery was beautiful and the fellowship among the runners was inspiring. I am certainly looking forward to returning next year and hope to complete the 50K course. Thank you for the results. I almost forgot, the food was excellent and the quantity was more than enough. Again, I just wanted to express my thanks to you and to all of the volunteers for putting on such a wonderful trail run.

Tollie M. Bibb--Oklahoma

Lynn Ballard's Testimonial

Hey Eric...just a quick note to let you know that I really enjoyed the Flat Rock 50K this year. I have been getting myself ready for a 50 miler week after next and thought I would use your race as my last long run before doing the 50 miler. Great coordination and planning to pull off a tough event. Thanks to you and all of your volunteers. I really enjoyed the young men on aid station #1...it's great to see young people supporting events like this. All the aid stations were great, as was the pasta and chili!

Thanks Again,
Lynn Ballard--Texas

Excerpt from Danielle Rideout's Testimonial

"FlatRock is my first ever ultra...it was an incredible experience; I learned a lot about myself, not just as a runner, but as a person and soul, as well. It was such a great feeling that I told myself I'd do three ultras in 2004 and it was FlatRock this year that helped me achieve that. This is such a great race, I plan on running it indefinitely, so I am setting a personal goal to run FlatRock for at least eight more consecutive years so I can reach the RD's standard and gain entry into the "Hall of Pain."

Danielle Rideout

Excerpt from Duane Frichtl's Testimonial

"FlatRock is hands down my favorite race, ever. I wish I lived closer so I could run that course more often and see all of you that organize the race...the course seems to beat me every year. The first year I had blisters so bad, I couldn't run for weeks. For some stupid reason, I didn't go to FlatRock 2 or 3, but I have been back every year since. The "Year of the Women", I was actually leading the race at the turnaround, mainly because the 4 leaders got lost. But even then, I ran out of gas and was delegated to walking at the end."

John McAllister's Testimonial

Eric...Wow! Now I know why those runners from Arkansas were so mad at you last year! That's the most challenging race I've ever run and I've run off and on for 31 years. I had a great time and want you to thank the aid station workers again for me. They did a great job. Hope to have all of the soreness out of my thighs by Wednesday night.

Thanks again,
John McAllister--Kansas

Steve Lower's Testimonial

Eric...hello, thanks for the speedy update on FlatRock results. This was a terrific course and I'm pleased I had a chance to participate. The aid stations and personnel were phenomenal as were the trail markings. I have done many marathons but this was my first trail run. I'm looking forward to FlatRock 2002.

Many thanks,
Steve Lower--Kansas

Paul Schoenlaub's Testimonial

Eric, as far as wanting feedback for the race, you know my thoughts. It's my favorite 50K, but then again I'm biased because it was my first ultra. FlatRock set the standard for ultras in my book 3 years ago with all the rocks, the well stocked aid stations, and the "FlatRock Family," which is truly like a family to me. Just keep doing what you're doing, FlatRock's the best!

Best Wishes,
Paul Schouenlaub

A Testimonial From David Galles

Eric, I want to thank you and your crew for the excellent race. The food was wonderful and the aid station attendants were super. Again, thanks for the great race this past Saturday - I am now "hooked" and will be doing more of them in the future.

David Galles--Kansas

A Testimonial From Mari Mohr

Eric, I just want to say thanks for all of the hard work getting ready for and putting on a great run! It was beautiful and I had a great time in spite of the ankle twist. I have already contacted my pikes peak buddies and they are headed your way next year!

Mari Mohr--Kansas

Wakefield Sets New Course Record!
In an unprecedented show of uncommon valor, David Wakefield, blazes to a new course record on one of the hottest days in FlatRock history. Read more here now!


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