RD Eric Steele knights "First Lady" Theresa Wheeler into the coveted "FlatRock Hall of Pain." 


Multiple competitors cross the finish line, accompanied by cowbells, cheering and "the infamous Blue Horn!"


Earl Blewett expounding upon his joy & pain of NOT running the 50K this year.

Jim Braun elaborates on why he does FlatRock and shows us some choice "blood n' mud" in the meantime!


John McAllister's Testimonial
Eric...Wow! Now I know why those runners from Arkansas were so mad at you last year! That's the most challenging race I've ever run and I've run off and on for 31 years. I had a great time and want you to thank the aid station workers again for me. They did a great job. Hope to have all of the soreness out of my thighs by Wednesday night.

Thanks again,
John McAllister--Kansas



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