Friends of FlatRock
Foundation Donors

Bill Barnett Mulvane KS
Earl Blewett Tulsa OK
Warren Bushey Wichita KS
Jack Christian Hammon OK
David Dinkel Olathe KS
Chad Flint Wichita KS
Duane Frichtl Bloomington IL
Karin Gibbs Lafayette LA
Tim Gill Lafayette LA
Dennis Haig Andover KS
Edward Keller Topeka KS
Thomas Lasater Wichita KS
Eric Lundt Tulsa OK
Bob & Rosemary Marston Roland AR
Cindy Melder Dallas TX
Paul Myshka Wichita KS
Eric & Sarah Nelson Lawrence KS
Ronald  "Forever" Rousser Topeka KS
Paul Schoenlaub St. Joseph MO
Steve Siegele Fredonia KS
Jeffery Skibbe Tolono IL
Eric Steele Wichita KS
Keven Stone Meeker OK
Mike Strong Wichita KS
Michael Talbert Oklahoma City OK
Linda Thom Wichita KS
David Wakefield Holton KS
Jessica Williams Wichita KS
Theresa Wheeler Wichita KS
Cordell Whitetree Wichita KS

Excerpt from Duane Frichtl's Testimonial
"FlatRock is hands down my favorite race, ever. I wish I lived closer so I could run that course more often and see all of you that organize the race...the course seems to beat me every year. The first year I had blisters so bad, I couldn't run for weeks. For some stupid reason, I didn't go to FlatRock 2 or 3, but I have been back every year since. The "Year of the Women", I was actually leading the race at the turnaround, mainly because the 4 leaders got lost. But even then, I ran out of gas and was delegated to walking at the end."


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